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Featured Locations in KwaZulu Natal is a section on the KZNDURBAN website that will be updated on an ongoing basis. This has been done in order to highlight the lesser known corners of the magic province.

KwaZulu-Natal is more than just Durban, the Drakensberg, St Lucia Wetlands or the sports events such as the Comrades Marathon, The Sharks Rugby team or the Dolphins Cricket team. Its a province vast in size, rich in geographical and historic heritage. Icons such as Mohandas Ghandi, Nelson Mandella, King Shaka, to name just a few have in the past left their legacy in this part of the world, however lesser known personalities have also left their mark in KZN, lesser known locations in a similar fashion have also attracted visitors to our province over the years and this section of the site will hightlight these personalities and locations in the hope you might visit and experience first hand the exraordinary beauty that is KwaZulu-Natal.